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Bunge is a leading agribusiness and food in the world and Brazil. It is the third largest exporter in the country and the first Agribusiness. In an integrated way, it acts the consumer’s table to field, marketing and processing grains like (soy, wheat and corn), producing food (oils, margarines, mayonnaise, olive oil, rice, tomato products and flour), acting on port services and logistics and producing sugar and bioenergia.

Today, Brazil has more than 22,000 employees working in around 120 facilities, including factories, plants, mills, ports, distribution centers and silos in 19 states and the Federal District. Brands such as salad, Soya, All Day, Cyclus, deliciousness, Primor, Etti, Salsaretti and Bunge Pro are deeply connected not only to the Brazilian economic history, but also with customs, scientific research, pioneering technology and training of generations of professionals .