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Tigre SA is a Brazilian company founded in 1941. It is currently the 11th most internationalized company in Brazil, according to a study in 2011 by Dom Foundation Cabral. It’s a large Brazilian multinational that is present in over 40 countries, with 6,800 employees and 21 factories, 9 in Brazil and 12 abroad.

Tiger Products today hold 60% of the Brazilian market, in 2011 the company invested R $ 250 million in the modernization of equipment and facilities, construction of a factory records, and marketing. In 2012 the group had revenues of R $ 3.1 billion, however the management of the enterprise planning is that revenues reach the $ 5 billion in 2014.4

The Company has five subsidiaries: Tigre Pipes and Fittings, Tigre Brushes, Claris, Plena, Tiger ADS.5